What can a Bariatric Coach do for me?

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Emotional eating issues don't disappear with a Lap-Band or Realize Band. Gastric band patients who get coaching

have better results with the band. Only 50% of your weight loss outcome is attributable to the band; the rest

depends on what you do with it! Support is crucial to having a successful and satisfying life with a band.

What is Bariatric Life Coaching?

The purpose of bariatric life coaching is to insure a positive outcome for your bariatric surgery. Whatever drove

you to overeat prior to surgery will still be there after surgery. You need support to help you manage this (what

comes up when you are not overeating) to promote your success with the band.

I will be there to support you every step of the way, making this transition to health a positive and

successful one.

A bariatric coach:

•  Improves your chances of post-surgery weight loss success

•  Keeps you on track as you lose weight

•  Holds you accountable to achieving weight loss goals

•  Supports maintaining your slimmer, healthier lifestyle

•  Provides a partner when the going gets tough

•  Helps you address family issues about surgery and weight loss

•  Collaborates with you to optimize positive results

•  Helps you create, plan & achieve new goals

As a part of your team, Dr. Robbie can provide the following services:

•  Highly individualized programs customized to your specific needs

•  Individual coaching in person or by phone

•  Phone based support groups with other bariatric surgery patients

•  Management of pre-surgery anxiety

•  Stress management and meditation training

•  Support coping with body changes

•  Personalized instruction of tried and true post-surgery eating techniques

•  Day to day support for living with your band