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"As a lap-band patient who lost more than 100 lbs, Dr. Robbie helped me overcome the demons inside that nearly

ruined my day-to-day activities of a 'normal existence'. Even after the weight loss I felt like a fat person trapped in

a thin person's body. Through meditation, positive coaching and behavior modification, I am now able to look at

myself in a completely different and more positive light. She is a role model, and someone who I could relate to

from the very beginning. Robbie's positive attitude, and 'been there, done that' approach made it so easy to open

up to her. I learned that berating myself or worrying about what other people (many that didn't even know me)

thought of my physical being was destructive behavior and not worry so much about others judging me. After many

years of being miserable, I am happy to say that 'I enjoy living in my own skin and I am happy being me.' "

C.B., Chicago, IL

"Dr. Robbie introduced my to a whole new relationship with food and weight.  I am healthier, happier, and I like

myself better since working with her."

Diane R., San Francisco, CA

"Dr. Roberta Maller Hartman (Robbie to me) was a warm and wonderful coach who really helped me to get

motivated. Robbie really knows how to ask the hard questions in a kind and loving way that gets to the heart of the

issues at hand. She is persistent and dedicated, helping a client to reach down into the hardest places to find new

solutions. Working with Robbie was a very positive and profitable experience for me, one that has provided the

kind of down to earth help that therapy often fails at. I recommend her without reservation." 

Lucille C. Frieder, Ph.D., East Greenwich, RI 

"Dr. Robbie taught me how to live with my lap-band, and changed my whole attitude toward my body image and

food.  She really helped me re-frame my thinking so I was finally able to lose both the attitude and the excess


D. M., Chicago, IL

"Robbie is a great coach. She has a great ability to listen and help me identify what is most important from all the

ideas I bring to our coaching sessions. She is reassuring, but also challenging when it is needed." 

Ken C., Silver Spring, MD

"Dr. Robbie is easy to talk to and tells it like it is.  Without her, I never would have  gotten used to life as a


Mike V., Chicago, IL