Meet Dr. Robbie

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Dr. Roberta "Robbie" Maller Hartman is an internationally certified coach, a licensed clinical psychologist, a

specialist in emotional eating issues and a successful lap-band surgery recipient herself. She's been where you are

now. She deeply understands the issues that are unique to bariatric surgery patients.

Dr. Robbie has over 20 years of experience and specialized interest in health and wellness coaching. This includes

weight loss, weight loss surgery coaching, mindful eating, body image, stress management, and mindfulness

meditation training. She is certified as a life coach both by MentorCoach and the International Coach Federation.

Dr. Robbie is the owner and founder of Centered Coaching and the creator of

Banding Together™: Supporting the Gastric Band Community.

Dr. Robbie is an expert on non-dieting approaches to emotional eating. She has

led lap-band support groups, mindfulness and emotional eating awareness groups

both in the Chicago area and nationally by teleconference. In addition, she travels

to California several times a year to participate in retreats with her mentor,

renouned author and teacher Geneen Roth.

Dr. Robbie has been a consultant to some of the best-known bariatric centers in

the U.S.A. and served on the faculty of Chicago Medical School for 16 years. She

is the author of Banding Together™: The Newsletter for the Lap-Band Community

and the forthcoming book The Unofficial Lap-Band Owner’s Manual.

Dr. Robbie coaches clients in her Highland Park office and worldwide by phone.

She also leads lap-band support groups both locally and worldwide by phone.

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